Dynamic Technology Solutions LLC                                                                        

Veteran Owned and Operated

Dynamic Technology Solutions (DTS) offers a variety of technology services. DTS understands that times can be hard and the necessity for technology to be reliable and dependable grows more critical to succeed in our daily lives. DTS is here to guarantee you Dynamic Quality care when it comes to solving your IT, Networking, technology and electronics problems.  I come to you on your time.  I will come to you at home or work. Emergency hours are available.  

  •  Computer Diagnostic and Repair
  •  Virus and Spyware Removal
  •  New Device Set-up and Installation
  •  Device Diagnostic and Repair
  •  Data Recovery
  •  Computer or Device Parts repair/replace
  •  Hard drive replacement/upgrades
  •  Security Camera installation and set-up
  •  Printer repair/replacement/installation and set-up
  •  Technology Consultation
  •  Firestick/Roku repair/replacement/installation and set-up
  • Wireless Network Installation 
  • Dynamic Interior Design of Home Entertainment /Gaming Room
  • Computer Upgrades
  • Variety of electronics repairs (Just ask)